Patch Note 2.1

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Patch Note 2.1

Post by Matt on Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:11 pm

Rebirth Stone v2.0 reduced cost to 2500
Added random box of fashion parts in the premium shop under vote items category
Added new pets in the Alchemy Shop
x5 penya and x10 exp rzate is on going
Box of Perin is now available in Collecting Area
Box of Perin is also droppable in some bosses like Behemoth,Kheldor and Razgul
Collecting Area gives you 1 perin as well
FITA Cloak is available in the perin shop for 12500
Fita Cloak gives +1 Lucky Box
More plants droppable in bosses like Razgul,Behemoth and Kheldor


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