Patch Note 1.8

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Patch Note 1.8

Post by Matt on Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:09 pm

v2.0 Beads added in Perin shop for 800 perins
Angels has been added in Perin Shop
Shining Glory parts are now droppable in Razgul for a .005% chance
Pumpkin Weapon stats has been increased
More Zombies will respawn starting November 1 until November 3,2017
Recipe for Scroll of Velocity has been added in the Recipe Shop
Merkaba and Guardian's Dive are now sta base
Merkaba and Guardian's Dive damage has been increased
Spirit Bomb and Aether Grasp's damage has been increased
Turtle King Shields are now available in the premium shop
SOFA for looter and raise pet are now avialable in the premium shop


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